Cht Chatting with Marla J. Albertie


Cht Chatting with Marla J. Albertie

Interviewed by: Jill Sheets

J: Tell us about yourself.

M: I call myself the work/life harmonizer. I love to help women harmonize all areas of their life because there is no such thing as work life balance. Work/life harmony and integration is what I coach the nine to five working woman on. If I'm not coaching someone I'm reading and writing. If I'm not reading and writing I'm spending time with my family or on a cruise ship. I love comedy shows and concerts. I'm overall just a fun human being.

J: Tell us about your book, The Ultimate Brag Book About Yourself: A Hundred Questions About How Awesome You Are!

M: My second book, The Ultimate Brag Book was born based on my profession as a life coach. I work with the nine to five working woman helping her to realize her value and create work life harmony not balance. The first step to doing this is to first see their value. One way to see your value is simply by writing down the things you love and enjoy to do, hence the ultimate rag book. Why not brag on yourself? You can come up with SO many ideas of how to start a new business, new career, new hobbies, are just plain loving on yourself.

J: How did you come up with the idea for the book, and why did you decide to write it?

M: As I coach women to see and embrace their value, it bothered me to know that so many women think that they have to be all things to everyone and we don't. What people have to understand is that we are human beings first then a woman then the titles and the roles come afterwards. That is why I wrote this book. I need women, really everyone to see the good in themselves. If they see the good in themselves by simply writing it down, I believe the world can and will change!

J: What would you like people to take away from this book?

M: I want people to walk away from this book smiling knowing that it is OK to brag on themselves by listing all the things that they have and want to have. It is OK to want, it is OK to have desires. It really is OK! We are created to desire and want things. This is how we create our value. If we don't want things how can we give to others? I had to want to write this book in order for others to understand their value.

J: Do you have any advice for the people filling out this book?  What about the ones that are having trouble finding things to write down?


J: Tell us about your book 52 Career Tips: Action Steps to Move you Forward.

M: This is my fist book. This book is another journal that I created based off my experiences from doing hundreds of career coaching sessions and resumes. It was a light bulb that went off when I noticed how many people did not understand the basics of what it takes to have a career. I said I have to do something. And voila this book was born. If you want to understand basic career tips this is the book for you. It's an easy journal to fill out asking you questions each week for you to work on to create the career you desire. I believe our careers are in our hands. So take charge today!

J: What are you currently working on?

M: I am working on my first full leadership book! I am also in the process of launching my publishing company, MJA Publishing, LLC., so stay tuned. 

J: Tell us about TruthSpeaksGroup LLC. 

M: Truth Speaks Group, LLC, (TSG) is a multimedia coaching and training company helping the nine to five working woman create work life harmony/integration (WLH/I) solutions. I have been a coach for over 15 years, in leadership over 20 years, and my business will be 10 years old this year 2023. I offer coaching and consulting packages to small businesses as well. I create, design, and teach workshops based in I/O and positive psychology principles. I LOVE what I do. I can talk about it for days!

J: You like to go on cruises.  What are some of the places you have been to that are your favorites?

M: Anyone who knows me knows that I love to cruise. Costa Maya and Labadee Haiti have been two of my favorite locations. I love to learn about different cultures and how people live. It is a beautiful thing when you get outside of your own bubble to understand the rest of the world.

J: Is there anything else you would like to add? In addition to reading and reviewing my book and loving on yourself. I encourage you to check out my nonprofit called I/O for Teens Inc. I/O stands for Industrial Organizational Psychology (we left the P out intentionally) which is the field I'm getting my PhD in. It is the study of human behavior in the workplace. I/O for Teens Inc. is a career, skill, and confidence building organization that provides the tools needed for teenagers to create their dreams based on the science of human behavior. We are building programs to help teens succeed especially girls. Please check us out 

Book Summary

Can you imagine all the things you like, love, and adore in one book? All your favorites captured at one time with space to write more. So, why did I write this book? How often do we brag about ourselves, take time to think about what makes us happy, or do the things we like? If I had to guess, not as often as you would like. This book has been on my heart for years and I am finally getting it out to the world. 

You deserve to brag about yourself, so why not? Not only is this a bragging book, but it is a book of ideas you can use to start your next project, business, career move, or anything your heart desires. So how does it work? Each topic/list has a “number” to reach because the goal is to get you to stretch your thinking. Need more space? Don’t worry, there are extra lines per number so you can add more and there are extra pages in the back of the book for you to create your own. Ready to start bragging? 

ISBN-10: 8667397939

ISBN-13: 979-8667397939


Print Length: 218 Pages

Purchase a copy of The Ultimate Brag Book About Yourself on Amazon or get a signed copy on the author's website. You can also add this to your GoodReads reading list.

About the Author

Marla J. Albertie has lived on board a United States carrier therefore, she feels she is unstoppable. As a native of Jacksonville, Florida she loves to read, travel, and shop. Many of her travels have been on cruises as she has taken 16 thus far. Marla believes life is a journey and we all can create the life we want so why not; you only live this life once. She has a passion to see growth in peoples’ lives and wants others to pay it forward.

As an energetic visionary, she is the owner and founder of the TruthSpeaksGroup LLC, a multi-media company that creates strategies and solutions for work-life integration/harmony (WLI/H). She is also the founder of MJA Notary Services LLC., MJA Publishing LLC., and JEMA Holdings LLC. and Being the founder of I/O for Teens Inc. is her greatest work yet! 

Marla doesn’t believe in work-life balance as she believes all areas of our lives can be integrated and we can create harmony in our lives by means of I/O Psychology and Positive Psychology methodologies. 

However, harmony cannot happen if we are not in tune with who we are, therefore “The Ultimate Brag Book” was born. 


Marla’s mantra is to #TeachTrainEducate working woman who desire to understand their truth and live a life of success defined on their own terms. 


Marla's one word philosophy is #Learn. 

Marla is a certified professional career, executive, and life coach, trainer APTD (Associate Professional in Training and Development), Certified Chief Happiness Officer, Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Director of HR, Instructor, of Psychology, Amazon Best Selling author, and has over 25 years of business, coaching, and training experience.

Marla holds a Master of Education in Adult Education, Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management, and an Associates of Science in Financial Services. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


Marla loves speaking, teaching, and writing. Among the many ventures she is involved in here are just a few: The founder of the Motivational Movement K.I.M. (Keep it Moving), Truth Speaks Academy, an annual Women’s Empowerment Conference. I.M.A.G.IN.E. (I’M Awesome Growing IN Excellence), YouTube Channel featuring the talk show Creating Your Career with Marla J. Albertie which has 36 episodes, and blog She has also published two books and co-authored a third.


Marla is an active member of the Junior League of Jacksonville, ATD, SIOP, SHRM, Blacks in I/O, APA, ICF, IPPA, and NAHSE. She is also a Well-being and Data Literacy champion at Mayo Clinic. 

When she is not trying to save the world, Marla loves a good story and frequents the movies to eat her favorite movie snack, nachos. She loves spending time with her family and friends cruising, shopping, and reading. 

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