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Julie and the Phantoms

  Julie and the Phantoms Written by:  Jill Sheets   Picture source:      There is a new show on Netflix that people are going crazy about. Not only are they binge-watching it, but then when the show is over, they will start all over again. This Family/comedy- musical is "Julie and the Phantoms."     When Julie lost her mom, she was really not that interested in it. That is until she met three ghosts that popped into her life and making it better. They all decided to make a band. With some hiccups, will the band be able to stay together?   Here are some of the people that are in the series:   Madison Reyes as Julie Molina, Charlie Gillespie as Luke. He is a singer and the lead guitarist of the Phantoms Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex. He is the drummer for the Phantoms Jeremy Shada as R

Cat in the Christmas Tree

  Cat in the Christmas Tree Written by:  Jill Sheets   I knew we shouldn't have put it up. I knew this would happen. In less than an hour -- We had a cat In the Christmas Tree. How proud he is, He is now batting at  One of the glass ornaments. We are just standing there Holding our breath. Waiting -- No one moving Not ever to get the cat down. Afraid of his sharp claws. War marks on our arms, face, And other body parts. Gasping. As the ornamentation falls. The cat looks at the ornament As it falls to the ground. Shattering on the wood floor B eneath the tree-- That took hours to decorate.  Now how many do we have left-- To watch fall to the ground? We hope there is enough To last through Christmas. We just need to make it that far.