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Only My Horses Know

  Only My Horses Know Reviewed by: Jill Sheets   Cinda Jo Bauman’s book “Only My Horses Know” is an excellent book, which I loved.   It is a fast pace book, that kept me interested until the end. Her characters are believable, and you can feel each emotion they had. No matter how small or large.   And all I wanted is for the best for each one. I cannot wait to read more of her books.   Until then, I am going to sit back down and reread this book. This is a must read book no matter what your age. Just set back and enjoy. About the Author & Publisher, Margo L. Dill   Margo L. Dill is the CEO and owner of Editor-911 Books in St. Louis, MO. She is also the author of the American Civil War Adventure Series with two books,  Anna and the Baking Championship  and  Finding My Place: One Girl's Strength at Vicksburg , for middle-grade readers. Her other books are  That's the Way It Always Happened  and  Maggie Mae, Detective Extraordinaire: The Case of the Missing Cookies

Read-Aloud Stories with Fred Collection

  Read-Aloud Stories with Fred Collection Reviewed by:  Jill Sheets Fred Olds book “Read-Aloud Stories with Fred Collection Volumes 1 and 2” is a cute collection of short stories with adorable pictures that go with them.   Not only do I love the illustrations, but the stories in the book are well written, and each character is wonderfully developed.    This book is the perfect length to be read out loud, whether you are reading it to a child or if a child is practicing reading it to you.   A few of my favorite stories in this collection are:             “Looking Inside” By Margo L Dill           “Ben and the Terrible Red Card” By Fred Olds           “The Hobbling Hermit” By Fred Olds           “Ben and the Bully, Billy Bob” By Fred Olds   I recommend this book no matter what your age.  Book Summary of Read Aloud Stories with Fred Collection   In this full collection of  Read-Aloud Stories with Fred , we have included all six stories from volumes 1 and 2,