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My Grandmother Lives On

                                           Grandma passed away a week before my 6 th Birthday.   For the oddest reason, I can see my sister and me on the floor in front of the TV.   My sister is on her knees and I am laying on my stomach my chin resting in my right hand.   My mom was in the kitchen setting in a chair, with her boyfriend behind her and she is crying. The easiest way to picture this is to think of a still picture in black and white picture frozen in time no movement.   That is what I see.   So what do I remember?   It was when I saw her at the visitation her hand was over her heart. After seeing that, I was afraid so I slept for the longest time with my hands over my heart so I would not die.   Recently, I have been told different about how she was in the coffin.   I was told that they placed her hands was over her belly button.   The last thing I remember about her and her house was being told to pick out one item of hers.   I picked an angel bell, which I