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Follow You

  Follow You Written by: Jill Sheets    Picture credit:   I will follow you --  Through the oceans and lakes. Even though snow and rain.   Up the highest mountain-- That I can climb.   Though miles of desert sand. I would even walk though fire To reach out my hand towards you.   I will follow you -- Up to the stars, moons.   Walking towards you -- Step by step.   I will follow you. Let me know. Call my name. Putting a smile on my face As I do what you want me to do-- For your glory.   I will follow you. Show me the first step-- For today and every day after. I will follow you.     Other picture info:  OC Gonzalez @OCVISUAL

Smiling Moon

  Smiling Moon Written by:  Jill Sheets                                                               Picture source:   The smiling moon looking down -- At the people on Earth. Shinning it's light on the people who are walking outside. Flowing in though the windows -- Of every house and building. Looking down on anyone that is looking up. I have always love looking up at the sky at night. I love looking at the moon -- And the stars. Where ever you are out -- At night -- Look up at the sky to see them. Even if it is for a glance. Do not take them for granted.