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How Symbolism in Fairy Tales of Old Help Us Today

 How Symbolism in Fairy Tales of Old Help Us Today By H. R. Conklin (author of The Eternity Knot in the Celtic Magic series) By reading the old stories, we can learn valuable lessons still relevant today. The ancient people of Earth were excellent observers. Living on the same lands for generation after generation, their connection to the planet and all things that grow from it became intimate. Their knowledge of the inherent wisdom within their surroundings was folded into stories that we now call fairy tales or myths. Many truths that have been relegated to “old wives’ tales” have been proven by science. Einstein is thought to have suggested reading fairy tales as a way to encourage a child’s imagination, the first necessary brain function in becoming curious and asking questions. Such fairy tale wisdom can be found in the tales of the ancient Celtic people as well as many other cultures around the world.  The Irish-Celts have many stories they tell about a popular character name