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A Podcast I Love

                "Shuttlepod show:" A Podcast I Love Written by: Jill Sheets photo credit:  @simile_branding_photography As I get older, I find out there are shows, books, and people that I geek out about. I never thought I would become "one of those people," but I am now proud that I am in the large group of people who do—what a great family. My husband has gotten me addicted to shows that I never thought I would watch. My first one -- "Star Trek: Enterprise," is a fantastic show, and it has been one of my favorites ever since, and it will always be. Enterprise has an amazing and talented cast. I now look at IMDB to see what other shows or movies they have been in, especially Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer .  Now there is something else I get to geek out about. I am so excited - - A podcast that features Enerprise's Dominic Keating  (Malcolm Reed) and Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker). The perfect pair to host it.

Interview with Mari L. McCarthy

                                                         Interview with Mari L. McCarthy J:  Tell us about yourself. M: I’m a South of Boston beachfront home dweller, author, vocal athlete and Founder and CEO-Chief Empowerment Officer of, home of Journaling For The Health Of It®. J: How did you get your start journaling, and how many years have you been doing it. M: I’m into my 25th year of Journaling For The Health Of It®. In February 1998 , I lost feeling and function in the right side of my body thanks to Multiple Sclerosis. I needed a way to teach my self how to write with my left hand ASAP, if not yesterday. A friend introduced me to Julia Cameron’s “ Morning Pages, ” from her book The Artist’s Way. At first, I viewed the exercise as physical therapy only, but soon discovered that journaling was a mental, emotional and spiritual therapy adventure. J: What advice would you give someone who wanted to get started journaling, but having issues star