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Chit Chatting with Rosanne McHenry

                    Chit Chatting with Rosanne McHenry                  Interview by: Jill Sheets  J: Tell us about yourself. R: I’m a former U.S. National Park Ranger and a former California State Park Ranger. I’ve worked in many parks over the years, including the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Mount Rainier National Park, the Auburn State Recreation Area, Folsom Lake, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, and Death Valley National Park, among others. I’ve also worked at many historic parks including Sutter’s Fort, The CA State Indian Museum, and the CA State Railroad Museum.   I’m also a writer and the author of two books: Tales From a Rogue Ranger, published February 2024, and Trip Tales: From Family Camping to Life as a Ranger (2021). I currently live and work in Auburn, California, with my husband.  The beautiful American River Canyon is adjacent to our home in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. J: What were some of your favorite books growing up? R: The Time Machine by H