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Me Vs Myself

Me Vs Myself   Written by: Jill Sheets                                                                 picture credit: Some people think I am frustrating.   And that might be true. Well just step back a moment And realize how I feel.   How frustrated that I get with myself. I have to deal with myself Every moment of the day. There are even times When I have no clue what You are talking about Or what you want from me. Sorry I have to say it, Please explain it. Sometimes are worse than others. It is hard enough dealing with my symptoms The fibro fog Forgetting of words. Trying to get you to understand What I am taking about. Not only fibro, But an autoimmune disease as well. Always tired – No restorative sleep. My muscles are weak And hurting. Getting stiff Joints hurt If I do not take anything, Then my temp Is 101 daily. Yes, You h