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Just Gross

Just Gross Written by:   Jill Sheets There are so many things that gross me out.   You can talk to my family, and they can tell you a few of them.   As a matter of fact, please, don’t do that. I decided to pick 10 of the things that make my stomach turn.   Don’t worry.   I tried to make each one rated G or at least PG. 1. Snakes:   There are not that many words to describe how I do not like snakes.   I cannot look at them, even if they are in a book or on TV.   I cannot stand the shape of their head or the rest of their body. I am deathly afraid of them. I have had this fear of them before I heard the story about Adam, Eve, Satan and the tree. No need to say anything else. 2. Jell-O: You are probably wondering why Jell-O grosses me out. As a teenager, I was obsessed with losing weight. The Jell-O diet was one way I tried to lose weight and I just got tired of it. 3. Worms: They are gross.   Okay, Yes I know that this is a list of things that gross me out.  

Know to rescue your writing life

Know to rescue your writing life By Karen Brown Tyson You were off to a great start. Determined to write every day, you got up early and stayed up late.  You joined a 500-word 30-day challenge.  You were on a roll … for about two or three weeks.   And then you got off track.   Someone filled the time you set aside to write every week with work assignments, Facebook videos, fantasy football, Fortnite tournaments, fundraisers and a This is Us marathon. Your busy schedule sucked up your time and energy.  Getting up early and staying up late was out of the question.   And now you are at the end of the year wondering what happened to your writing life.   It’s not too late to turn things around.  You can rescue your writing life by making a few changes to the way you approach writing.  Below are seven tips to consider. #1 Be open to change Unfinished writing projects are a sign of a bigger problem.  But what?  Only you know the answer.   If you want to wri

Does Anyone Do This?

Does Anyone Do This? Written by: Jill Sheets What we do for our furry family members, or more accurately what we do to them.   What we think is cute, more than likely your pets do not feel the same way. Let’s talk about some of the things we think is cute, but they would call the cops if they could reach the phone because it is “tortured” If you have a cell phone, hide it or keep it on you 24/7, How many of you name your pets.   I am not talking about their first name, but the full name.   For example, this is what we call our cats and dog in our family. Let’s start with the cats: Sassy Sarsaparilla Sheets Layla Marie Sheets I have a horrible secret that I must share.   My miniature- dachshund, Zooey Danielle Sheets, is named after actresses Zooey Deschanel and Danielle Panabaker.   Surely I am not the only who names their pets by someone famous names…. Right? Now let’s take a small step back and talk about their cute outfits that we cannot hel