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Jesus VS. Zombies

  Jesus VS. Zombies Written by: Jill Sheets I was on social media on Easter when a question came up. If Jesus rouse from the dead, wouldn't that make him a Zombie? I have to admit I was taken back by this question. I had never heard this question before. I wanted to answer this person's question, but if you know me I try not to make waves. When I think about zombies, I think about brain-eating beings, like the ones in my favorite Zombie movie " Zombieland."   Zombies... Zombies... Zombies...  When you think about Zombies, is this how you see them? They walk slowly with their arm stuck out in front of them. Their bodies decaying, and they make moaning sounds. Let's just get real. If Zombies are real they would be mindless. They are not alive, but they are undead. It depends on what movie or show you are watching; even books can portray them differently. For some reason, I believe I saw a show or movie where the Zombies run, and there are some that fall in lo