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Take Time to Read

Take Time to Read Written by: Jill Sheets As far as I can remember I loved to read.  I would read in between classes, on my way home and yes, I was one of" them" who would walk and read. Didn't you just dislike people like that? I would pretty much-read anything that I could get my hands on except for the dictionary.  That is something I could never bring myself to do. I even disliked it when people would tell me to look up the word I needed to spell.  Hello, if I knew how to spell it, I would not be asking.  And me finding the word in that book is useless.  Waste of time.  The only thing I felt it was good for is finding out the meaning of something. If I had to pick four books that were my favorite growing up they were:  The Girl with the Silver Eyes written by:   Willo Davis Roberts The Doll written by: Rex Sparger Anything to Win written by: Rosemary Joyce    Comes the Blind Fury by John Saul I do not remember if I was ev
God’s Promise Written by:   Jill Sheets One night, after church choir, I decided to take a walk to calm down. I was upset with the conversation that happened in the car as we drove home. This has happened many times before. Typically I usually end up not talking to anyone, even though I know that my family dislikes it when I don't speak.   I feel that if I do not say anything, then I will not say something that I will regret later. Even when I was younger, I would go for a walk down the street when upset.   Sometimes I would push my luck and take a step farther each time.   I know my mom hated it, but I do not remember her saying anything about me taking off and walking until I was older. I got out of the car slamming the door and proceeded to stomp down the sidewalk. I tried to process why I was agitated and if there was really a reason for it. Maybe I was overreacting, which would not be the first time and also might mean that I could be wrong. As I walked

Karadjordjevic Dynasty

Karadjordjevic Dynasty Written by:   Jill Sheets   I have always been interested in Yugoslavia, reading books on the country and admired the breathtaking pictures.   I even wrote a report on it when I was in the 6th grade. I am not sure that my teacher was expecting me to write about it, but I did, and got an “A.” In elementary school, I had made a list of all the places that I wanted to visit. Yugoslavia was at the top, followed by London, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, France, California, Spain and the list continues to grow. Even today, I would love to visit every place on my list. I have been a fan of Christina Oxenberg since 1997. She is a wonderful writer and she can make me laugh. So when I heard about a new book that is coming out, I hinted heavily to my husband. Learning that she was going to write a book on her ancestors, I was so excited. Even though I know a book can take time to write, but I still could not wait to read it. Finally, the book came out in