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"Why do we settle for mediocre?"

"Why Do We Settle for Mediocre?" written by:  Valerie Nifora I was watching a brand video the other day, and to be truthful, it had me a bit in tears. It was a lovely story about relatable people and then 15 seconds before the end of it…they broke it. They disrupted the momentum in the story, by inserting a sales pitch. There I was, with tissue in hand, completely irritated. I was not feeling good about the brand that day. Which brought to mind the question -- why do we settle on mediocre?  We settle on mediocre because we don't want to argue . We don't want to stand on a limb and say -- yes, this is different, this is uncomfortable, but this is honest, moving, beautiful, and it will work. We've lost the sense of bravery that comes with great. It's much easier to settle on tried and true, stop debating, check off the box and just move on to the next thing. After all, mediocre always says it knows better. We settle on mediocre because we lo