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Where Is the Door?

Where Is the Door? Written by: Jill Sheets                          Picture source: When God closes one door He opens another. I keep repeating it to myself -- Over and over. What Will It be? When will it be? How will I know? I ask impatiently, Trying not to force my thoughts-- On to You. Wait did You say -- That You want me to start a charity? No -- That can't be right? I don't even want to talk about Africa. No one ever said that You did not Have a great sense of humor. Okay... Wanting me to babysit an infant? I love babies, But I am not sure my baby Zooey,-- Who is a dog, Would not be too happy Even day -- Every pray I ask for You to guide me, To let me know What You want me to? Making sure that I hear You and -- Not just what I think You want in my head. I guess I do have to be -- Patience.

Christmas Tree Still Up

Christmas Tree Still Up Written by: Jill Sheets Picture source: So how many people out there still have their Christmas Trees and/ or lights up?   I guess it does come down to how many people will say, “No, ours is down,” even if you still have them up.   The reason… None of us have any way of knowing if you are telling the truth, so we will have to take your word on it. I will admit it, we still have ours up.   We do not turn them on until Christmas or unless we fell like it.   It is not a big Christmas tree.   It is a small fake tree that is sitting in our living room on an end table.   It is in the perfect place for the living room.   I have not looked lately, but we may have to dust the tree before Christmas. So what about you?   Is your tree in the living room, your bedroom, downstairs or it somewhere else in your home or maybe outside?   You never know where some people prefer to put their trees? I have no

Some Things That Are Beautiful

Some Things That Are Beautiful Written by:   Jill Sheets Picture source: One day I was told To look for beautiful things In nature. So I carried around my small Pink notebook, which was hidden in my purse, Each time I saw Or thought of something that I would considered beautiful I would write it in my note book. Spring showers, With no bad weather. Rainbows after the rain, God’s promise never to flood the whole earth again. Water Falls that I would love to visit someday, But for now, I only see in pictures. My favorite flower, white roses. . Looking out the living room window And watching the sunset.   Pink skies at night sailors delight. Beaches where the ocean looks blue. Looking at the stars.   Clouds floating in the blue sky. Snow when you do not have to Go out into it. Butterflies, Red birds, Blue birds, and humming birds. Autumn leaves. These are some

Let's Keep Our Hopes Up

Picture source: Let's Keep Our Hopes Up Written by: Jill Sheets I am depressed about what is going on in the world, feeling helpless.   I know God is there for me because He is there for everyone but that does not mean t I am not scared.   The unknown is terrifying and this is a big unknown.   This is something as a generation we have never encountered. But there are things to remember.   One the news only tells us how many people have died from this virus, but not ones that have kicked it in the tail and made it through.   Why not tell us about the people who are making it?   The ones who said, “We had it and survived.” Even though we need all the news, but people need to hear the good also. What about the people who are doing random acts of kindness.   Like the people who are helping the elderly who cannot get out and who are just afraid as we are. People who are st


Picture source:   Mistakes Written by:   Jill Sheets Mis I hate to make mistakes. Tears sting my eyes even before they slide down my red cheeks. Trying my hardest not to do what I want to do. I take the unfolded paper clip smoothly scratching my skin --- arms neck stomach and face. I do not know why   I am doing it -- until it is done. Then I look down wondering how long it will take to heal. Guilt tripping does not help. Now I have to deal with people noticing my frustrated lines. That go up and down On my left arm. God only knows what is going through their heads. Which is find. I don’t care to know what they are thinking. It does not mean I am suicidal. I am just bringing the pain From the inside to the outside.