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100 Days of Happiness/ Blessings

Penny thank you for giving me this idea.   It is 100 Days of Happiness, which for me it could also me a blessing.   My mom many times told me that there is always someone worse off than you.   I did not believe her and said “I would like to see that person.”   Not realizing as I got older I understand what she was talking about.   Yes, I have diabetes, PTSD, Fibro and etc. etc. etc.   This means there are other things I can not remember now and things my doctors are not sure about.   I will say I have one heck of a Rheumatologist and she is one of the people that are in my live that are a blessing.   Love you all and bless you.   With that said, I guess I should post my first day.   Day 1:   I am happy/blesses that I have found subs for shows that I need to so far.   I prayed hard for that J   Day 2: I am happy that I am not the only one praying for Darron and I to adopt.   J   Day 3:   I am happy that my show is today J   Day 4(Sat.