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Guest Blog Mari L. McCarthy

Guest Blog Mari L. McCarthy Why Do I Still Get Writer’s Block? 3 Strategies for Overcoming It No matter how experienced or confident you are as a writer, you will still have days where the right words stubbornly refuse to come to you. Writer’s block is never welcome, but it often seems to rear its ugly head at the most inconvenient times, like when you are up against an important deadline. What causes writer’s block? All writers have their own unique and tumultuous relationship with it, but these are a few common themes: ·   Fear: You’re plagued by self-doubt. You worry that everything you write will be terrible and no one will like it. This fear may take the form of procrastination or self-criticism.   ·   Distractions: You’re fighting external or internal interruptions (or a combination of both) that are obstacles to your writing. ·   Lack of clarity: You’re not sure where your writing is going. You’ve lost your way or you don’t quite know what to do

Bunnies Holding Grudges

Bunnies Holding Grudges Written by: Jill Sheets Bruce and Thor Slowly looking around the living room as I write, I make sure that the bunnies behind me are not looking over my shoulder to see what I am writing, and if it is about them.   The two smartest ones look at me when I make eye contact with them. I quickly turn back around, pretending that I am watching TV. I do not want to tick them off, especially because I am on their good side. Which brings me to the question, can bunnies hold grudges? A lot of you may be thinking, “No, they can’t hold a grudge.” Maybe not in your house, but in my house they can, and they can hold one for a very… very… long time.   One child (Thor) holding a grudge against his dad (Bruce). It all started when Bruce decided to take a chunk out of Thor. He pulled off fur and even some skin.   My daughter found Thor and brought him to us.   The only animal hospital that was open did not take “Pocket Pets.”   That was on a Sunday. So the n