I Will Never Do

I Will Never Do Written by: Jill Sheets

We all have things that we will and will not do. We all have our boundaries. Here are 14 things that I can guarantee I will not do. Some may overlap. Just a funny side note, I had a problem coming up with what I wouldn’t do, until I decide that 14 was a good number. But now more keep popping up in my head and the bad part is that I am trying to sleep when that happens. I will have to keep a notebook by my bed from now on.

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Some of you may have seen this downtown or on a busy street off in the snow-covered grass — bird scooters. Before I go more on to more details, there are some things I do not understand. Are they supposed to be ridden on the sidewalk or street? What about wearing a helmet? Body gear? I am old enough to know better to entertain the thought of using one. Even to try to stand on one, I would f…

It Will Get Better

It Will Get Better Written By:Jill Sheets

It hurts me that I cannot talk Not to sing. Only a whisper  Or a gravel voice coming out.
I answer the phone at work No one knows it is me Or call me sir. I close my mouth quickly So I do not force out “I am not a guy.” Or “My name is not Joe.”
Trying to find the humor in the situation There is none. My heart is crumbling with desperation. Trying to force my voice out To do what the speech therapist wants. My face Neck All of my muscles tight.
Stress Should be a bad word. It only makes things worse. How am I suppose to distress?
It will get better. Please God, Make it better. <

The Doll That is Eyeing Me

The Doll That is Eyeing Me Written by: Jill Sheets

Recently we finally got to move into our own house. Well honestly we still have a lot to move over, but it is a start. Which brings me to this, I collect porcelain dolls. I do not know how many, I haven't counted them. To me they are pretty, I had never thought any different until now. As a matter of fact, I wanted a lot more, so what changed my mind. My daughter feels that the dolls are creepy. She came to me and said that there was a doll in our bedroom, in the middle of the room. I laughed it off, until I did something stupid.

We did not have the TV hooked up yet, in our new house, so I turned to YouTube videos. Not just the music ones, but creepy ones. Ones I had no business watching, I can see that now, but not at the time. It was something to watch. To keep my mind busy.

I have had night terrors about demons for the longest time. As a matter of fact, it is one of my first memories. So any movies or anything else with them in it …

Hospital Adventures

Hospital Adventures                                                    Written by: Jill Sheets

Having to be admitted into the hospital is not fun for anyone, but looking back I have tried to find some funny or something to take away from my experience. To start most of my roomies would not use their button to call the nurse, so I ended up doing it for them. So here we go, lets bring on the fun. 

The first adventure they brought in this lady in the middle of the night. Lucky me, I had an open bed in my room I have no idea what was wrong with her, but she kept trying to take out her IV and other tubes that were hooked to her. The nurse told her not to pull it out or it would be messy. You may not know this, but I have a weak stomach, so that did not sit well with me. I kept praying that she would not remove any of her tubes. The nurses had the curtain drawn around her all night. They must have calmed her down because I finally got a few hours of sleep.

Isn't it fun not to be able to eat…

Where is My Voice?

Where is My Voice?
Written by Jill Sheets

It has been over 30 days total without a voice, which of course means I can not sing or talk. Two things that I love to do. I need to make it clear that it does not mean those days are in a row, but most of them have been in chunks. Long ones. When I do get my voice back it will crack out, so this is where I am at, no voice. Having a lot that I want to say, but cannot and I am tired of having to write hand-written notes.

Why is it that people think it is funny. Early on I would just smile and nod. It is not funny. It is not only affecting me but other aspects of my life. I have no idea what is going to happen. It is scary, upsetting and I find myself even more depressed. I cry at home and at work. I am frustrated. This is something that is always on my mind.

Because of this, I did not get to sing in the church cantata. I even had a solo that I loved. No voice, cannot sing. I could not even bring myself to go to church because of it. Even at hom…

Guest Writer Barbara Barth Talks About Self-Publishing

Guest Writer Barbara Barth Talks About  Self-Publishing

I was very naïve when I wrote The Unfaithful Widow, the memoir of my first year after I lost my husband, I just knew I wanted to get my story out there in the world. I had no idea about publishing a book. I Googled the word publishing and was overwhelmed with articles and websites. Trying to find an agent seemed too time-consuming. I wasn’t getting any younger. My husband died in 2008 right before I turned sixty. Two years later I had my finished memoir and to my horror, was almost sixty-two. I had to release my story to move forward with my life.I said a little prayer asking for help. I found a vanity press, which I thought was self-publishing. I paid big bucks to have my book designed and published. I just thought self-publishing meant you didn’t go the traditional route. I didn’t know the word vanity press until an author corrected me on a blog post that I had not self-published and explained the difference to me. The company I…
Miracles Written by:Jill Sheets, God, and the Bible

We know God does miracles all the time. Not just before we were born, but ones after we were born and while we are here on earth. You believe in miracles, don’t you? 
Recently, I was horrified to hear someone say they did not believe in miracles. It was bad enough that this person said that when one of their children were sick. I was shocked. I did not know what to say. The only thing I kept thinking was, “will I do.” I had faith that God would heal this person. He performs miracles daily, so why not now.
If you go to church, Sunday school, bible study or if you read the bible, you more than likely recognize these miracles. There are a lot more in the bible, but these are some. I will try to keep these short.
Let’s start with Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding that took place in Cana, which is in Galilee (John 2:1-11). At this wedding, the wine ran out. Mary told Jesus what was going on about the wine. Even though Jesus told his m…