Panic Attack By:  Jill Sheets

My chest tightens. Not again. Try to focus on my breathing but quickly my mind goes back to being talked down to. Wanting to say something but afraid of what will happen. To speak my mind. Is this supposed to be okay? Wanting to go in a darkroom Away from their egos. Believe it or not – I do know what I am taking about. Breath. Breath. I thought that this was suppose to help. It will not be much longer Before I forget.

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Just Gross

Just Gross Written by:Jill Sheets

There are so many things that gross me out.You can talk to my family, and they can tell you a few of them.As a matter of fact, please, don’t do that. I decided to pick 10 of the things that make my stomach turn.Don’t worry.I tried to make each one rated G or at least PG.
1. Snakes:There are not that many words to describe how I do not like snakes.I cannot look at them, even if they are in a book or on TV.I cannot stand the shape of their head or the rest of their body. I am deathly afraid of them. I have had this fear of them before I heard the story about Adam, Eve, Satan and the tree. No need to say anything else.
2. Jell-O: You are probably wondering why Jell-O grosses me out. As a teenager, I was obsessed with losing weight. The Jell-O diet was one way I tried to lose weight and I just got tired of it.

3. Worms: They are gross.Okay, Yes I know that this is a list of things that gross me out.The dirty and I do not like the way they feel.I also do not l…

Know to rescue your writing life

Know to rescue your writing life By Karen Brown Tyson
You were off to a great start.
Determined to write every day, you got up early and stayed up late.  You joined a 500-word 30-day challenge.  You were on a roll … for about two or three weeks.  
And then you got off track.  
Someone filled the time you set aside to write every week with work assignments, Facebook videos, fantasy football, Fortnite tournaments, fundraisers and a This is Us marathon. Your busy schedule sucked up your time and energy.  Getting up early and staying up late was out of the question.  
And now you are at the end of the year wondering what happened to your writing life.  
It’s not too late to turn things around.  You can rescue your writing life by making a few changes to the way you approach writing.  Below are seven tips to consider.
#1 Be open to change Unfinished writing projects are a sign of a bigger problem.  But what?  Only you know the answer.If you want to write every day or finish writing your book, consi…

Does Anyone Do This?

Does Anyone Do This? Written by: Jill Sheets

What we do for our furry family members, or more accurately what we do to them.What we think is cute, more than likely your pets do not feel the same way. Let’s talk about some of the things we think is cute, but they would call the cops if they could reach the phone because it is “tortured” If you have a cell phone, hide it or keep it on you 24/7,
How many of you name your pets.I am not talking about their first name, but the full name.For example, this is what we call our cats and dog in our family. Let’s start with the cats: Sassy Sarsaparilla Sheets Layla Marie Sheets
I have a horrible secret that I must share.My miniature- dachshund, Zooey Danielle Sheets, is named after actresses Zooey Deschanel and Danielle Panabaker.Surely I am not the only who names their pets by someone famous names…. Right?

Now let’s take a small step back and talk about their cute outfits that we cannot help, but to dress them in. I know that we all mean well.For exampl…

Me Vs Myself

Me Vs Myself Written by: Jill Sheets

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Some people think I am frustrating. And that might be true. Well just step back a moment And realize how I feel. How frustrated that I get with myself. I have to deal with myself Every moment of the day. There are even times When I have no clue what You are talking about Or what you want from me. Sorry I have to say it, Please explain it. Sometimes are worse than others. It is hard enough dealing with my symptoms The fibro fog Forgetting of words. Trying to get you to understand What I am taking about. Not only fibro, But an autoimmune disease as well. Always tired – No restorative sleep. My muscles are weak And hurting. Getting stiff Joints hurt If I do not take anything, Then my temp Is 101 daily. Yes, You heard it 101. When I have Color in my checks That is not good. Getting dizzy<

Are Albums Really Back?

Are Albums Really Back? Written by: Jill Sheets

Some friends and I were talking about how albums are making a comeback. When I was younger, albums were a great way to listen to music (other than radio), but let’s not forget about tapes. Now there are CDS, MP3s, and places you can buy the songs at like iTunes? Talking about the tremendous golden way albums would make a comeback. Light hitting the record as you pull it out of its sleeve. All that made me think about what my first albums were.
These were the ones that came to mind.

The first one I can remember is Miss Piggy’s exercise album. I did like using it, and it did keep me busy. When you were a kid, this was the type of fun that you would have.You would be doing something healthy, and you would not notice it, other than food. No matter what no matter what age we all can be picky about what we eat, I know I am.

The next one was the “Sound of Music.”I am surprised that I did not hurt the album due to the fact, I played it a lot and over …

Some Legends Do Live Forever By Cheryl Carpinello

Some Legends Do Live Forever By Cheryl Carpinello

Even in the 21st century where a click of the keyboard instantly connects us to anywhere in the world and with the ISS (International Space Station), the legend surrounding King Arthur lives on in books, movies, television, games, and most recently even in real life! In just the last two years (2017-2018), an endless number of books were released, two movies King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) and Arthur & Merlin: The Fire of Balor (scheduled 2018), and one television series option exercised by Netflix based on the Cursed books by Frank Miller. Let’s not forget the one said to have started this whole craze in 1963, Disney’s adaption of T. H. White’s The Sword in the Stone or the hit Broadway production of the musical Camelot in 1967. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention the popular adult off-shoot set in early Medieval times The Game of Thrones television show. So what it is about Arthurian Legend that continually brings…