God’s Promise Written by:Jill Sheets

One night, after church choir, I decided to take a walk to calm down. I was upset with the conversation that happened in the car as we drove home. This has happened many times before. Typically I usually end up not talking to anyone, even though I know that my family dislikes it when I don't speak.I feel that if I do not say anything, then I will not say something that I will regret later.
Even when I was younger, I would go for a walk down the street when upset.Sometimes I would push my luck and take a step farther each time.I know my mom hated it, but I do not remember her saying anything about me taking off and walking until I was older.
I got out of the car slamming the door and proceeded to stomp down the sidewalk. I tried to process why I was agitated and if there was really a reason for it. Maybe I was overreacting, which would not be the first time and also might mean that I could be wrong.
As I walked I decide to pray.Even though I did not…

Karadjordjevic Dynasty

Karadjordjevic Dynasty Written by:Jill Sheets

I have always been interested in Yugoslavia, reading books on the country and admired the breathtaking pictures.I even wrote a report on it when I was in the 6th grade. I am not sure that my teacher was expecting me to write about it, but I did, and got an “A.”
In elementary school, I had made a list of all the places that I wanted to visit. Yugoslavia was at the top, followed by London, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, France, California, Spain and the list continues to grow. Even today, I would love to visit every place on my list.
I have been a fan of Christina Oxenberg since 1997. She is a wonderful writer and she can make me laugh. So when I heard about a new book that is coming out, I hinted heavily to my husband. Learning that she was going to write a book on her ancestors, I was so excited. Even though I know a book can take time to write, but I still could not wait to read it.
Finally, the book came out in 2015. Woo hoo! But...there was a …

Guest Blogger Wendy Baez -- Author of "Catch a Dream"

Is peace possible without forgiveness?
by Wendy Brown-Baez /
“Clambering down from the ramparts, we find ourselves behind three young soldiers. They hug the walls, sliding warily past the sealed doors of striking shops. One of them has a large bandage around his head where a rock has fallen from a roof-top, probably thrown by a child. They keep to the protection of small awnings, balconies that jut into the twisting shadowed streets. Walking behind them, we feel the urge to run, to escape, we are silent and our nerves are on fire.…These young soldiers doing their duty, on guard for their very lives, are the same young men who will later sit in a pub, drink a beer, tell jokes, laugh, flirt with a girl walking by, make plans for the future: a wife, a family, a home, some decent job, to breath freely, to pray or not to pray, just as they choose, to be men. Or die in a war they did not ask for, they do not want. Or kill some teen-ager or child in a spray of rubber bu…

Taking Away the Scars

Taking Away the Scars Written by: Jill Sheets

As you take the scars
Away from my past
I can slowly start to breath
Able to make a complete thought.
Opening my eyes
To every thing you blessed me with.
Learning not take things for granted.
Blessed with a family that loves me.
Guiding me to the perfect husband.
Well perfect for me.
Painful past memories slowly
From my head.
Hoping they will never
Reenter my mind.
You are always there.
No matter what time
And what I need to talk about.
You will be there
Without judging me.
You are there
Through the good
 and the bad.
Thank you.

© JMS April 25, 2018
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