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God Give Me Strength

God Give Me Strength Written by:   Jill Sheets God give me strength to make it out of bed.  To move on with the day. God give me Strength To tell you w hat I feel. What I really want to say --- not just what I think you want to hear. God give me Strength To handle what you feel is right Even though I am not happy about it And I can be upset with you and you will still love me. God give me the strength to change what I can and realize it is not my fault if I cannot change it-- the way I want. And give me the strength to deal with Other people's opinions on certain subjects that I do not agree with -- or they do not understand. God Give me Strength for everything for today -- tomorrow-- or the future. God Give me Strength Picture From:

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? By: Jill Sheets You would be surprised what can come across my mind when I am not thinking.   How is that possible not to think?   Trust me.   It can be done, and I have learned to do it quite well. I was sitting at work looking for pictures for an event that was coming up when this popped in my blank mind. What is it better to do?   When donating gifts or items that are needed, is it better to give one person a more expensive item or give less costly things to more people?    For example, you have 100 kids that need shoes.   Do you buy one or two of the best shoes you can find or do you buy cheaper ones so that you can provide more? But then you would have to worry about the possibility of the shoes breaking in less than a week.   I know.   Not an easy question. You would have to wonder what I was doing to think about this and why? I still have no idea why the topic came up.   I found myself worried about people who needed help and what I