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Children’s Author Fiona Ingram Talks About Writing for Children

Writing for Children written  by:  Fiona Ingram Writing for children can be the most inspiring choice for any writer. For a start, you get to enjoy loads of adventures, the type you loved reading about and experiencing via the pages of your favorite books. However, choosing the age group is very important because you, the author, will be sinking yourself right into that age group and reliving those experiences to convey the story accurately and honestly to the target audience. I mention honesty, and for me that is paramount in writing for any age group. Young readers, from little ones to YA, can sniff out a patronizing attitude from ten paces, and that will turn them right off. So how does one achieve honesty in writing for children? First, choose the age group you feel most comfortable with. Some authors may not feel comfortable with the burgeoning issues of angst and social dramas of the YA audien