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Chit Chatting with Author Amy Sampson-Cutler

                                Chit Chatting with Author  Amy Sampson-Cutler Interviewed by: Jill Sheets J: Tell us about yourself, and what was the first book or story you ever wrote? A: I have always been better at communicating my feelings through writing. I was the girl who wrote the boy a poem rather than just say whatever it was that I had to say. The first short story I wrote was during a time where I liked a boy that didn’t seen to have time for me. In the story, the main character was a young woman who found a book on the side of the road that asked the finder to write down their greatest fantasy, only to fulfill that wish upon completion. What do you think she asked for?  I don’t remember how old I was, but I wrote this on the school bus, and had it finished by the time I got to school. It was so satisfying to give someone – even a fictional someone – what I had been yearning for myself! And thus began my love of writing short stories. Not that my short stories are secretly

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