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Memories of Meg

Memories of Meg Written by:   Jill Sheets                        Picture Credit: Jeff Wheeler      I love making posters for the station.   There was one that I had to correct because it was out of date.   I took the old one down and started to put the new one up. I let out a small laugh as I remember how I use to drive Meg, a co-worker, and friend, crazy because I never taped them up straight.   No matter how hard I tried.   I just concluded that more people would notice it if it were not straight.      This was not the first memory of Meg that I had today.   I was recording this interview with an actress and asked the question was what advice you would give to teenage girls these days. It was a simple answer that it hit home and reminded me of what Meg would tell me.   It is okay to say "no," and that she wished she knew that as a teenager.   I do not remember how many times Meg said that to me or to take a moment and tell the person who wanted something t

Guest Blogger Michelle Dim-St. Pierre |

" The Writing Process from a Spark to a Novel" Michelle Dim-St. Pierre Great authors always make experiencing a story believable. You can taste the character’s food, see the places they visit—you can feel the wind in your hair and smell the ocean breeze, almost as if you were actually there. The final product might make it seems as though the story flowed effortlessly from the writer’s pen, but this is far from the writer’s reality. A writer has to choose the words to bring those experiences to life. Sometimes this is a matter of the writer using their imagination intensely to create the details that will create a reality out of fiction. Other times, this requires a great deal of research. In the end, the writer must determine what stories to share to bring a reader into their own reality. In some ways it’s a process of becoming who your character is meant to be. And in some ways, it’s about having enough background to be authentic in what you writ