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Review of "Come Back To Me" by Leslie Hachtel

  Review of "Come Back To Me" by Leslie Hachtel Reviewed by: Jill Sheets I love the book "Come Back to Me."  It is one of the books this year that has kept me entertained through the whole book.  It was well  written and a fast read.  The characters where well developed along with the storyline. I recommend this book whether you are a romance fan or not. 

"Finding Katya" by Katie Aune Review

           Review for "Finding Katya" by Katie Aune   Review By Jill Sheets   I loved this book. It is one of the best books that I have read all year. It kept my attention and proceeded at a good pace. One of the best things about reading "Finding Katya" is that you feel like you are right there traveling with her. Not only is the description of things amazing, but she gave facts about the places she visited. Places that I never or barely knew of. I learned a lot from her book. I recommend this book to anyone. I hope that she writes more books.

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Chit Chatting With Catherine C. Hall

 Chit Chatting With Catherine C. Hall  Interviewed by: Jill Sheets J: Tell us about yourself?  How did you get your start writing?  C: My start in writing came when I majored in Broadcast Journalism, learning all those great tips for newswriting and commercial writing. After I graduated, I worked in a small country music station where I was a Girl Friday to the News Director. Eventually, I became the News Director, then moved to a Top 40 radio station and handled public service announcements and local commercial copy. I much preferred writing commercials; they were a lot more fun! It was probably twenty years or so before I started writing again when I volunteered to write for my church’s newspaper. (And wouldn’t you know it? I got stuck writing the boring stuff!) J: Tell us about your book Secrets Laid to Rest. C: It’s a funny thing about this book. I was teaching and wanted to do something different for the next fifteen or twenty years. Creative writing was in the back of my mind, so

Review for Catherine C. Hall 's Secrets Laid to Rest

 Review for Catherine C. Hall's Secrets Laid to Rest Reviewed by: Jill Sheets I loved Secrets Laid to Rest. This book grabbed my attention by the end of the first chapter, and the book picked up speed as I continued to read. Not only is Secrets Laid to Rest entertaining, but it is also funny. Catherine C. Hall is very descriptive in her writing. I can not wait for the next book to come out. Check out Secrets Laid to Rest. I believe that this book is one of the best of 2023. 

Chit Chatting with Emily Winslow

 Chit Chatting with  Emily Winslow Interviewed by:  Jill Sheets J: Tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get your start in writing? E: I wanted to write a novel for a long time, but found it difficult to even start. I won some poetry awards, and I wrote logic puzzles for a national magazine. But figuring out how to write a novel eluded me. I found writing community online at a forum called Absolute Write, and found brutal but wonderful advice from the blogging agent Miss Snark. They made all the difference to me, and pointed me in the right direction. I hope this book can help make that difference for others. J: Tell us about your book Time to Write. E: It’s everything I’ve learned about writing a novel, both from my experience as a writer published by Random House and HarperCollins, and as a teacher of creative writing at Cambridge University. J: What are some of the topics you cover in this book? E: I cover various writing skills and storytelling skills (two very different

Chit Chatting with Marilyn Howard

  Chit Chatting with Marilyn Howard Interviewed by: Jill Sheets J: Tell us about yourself? How did you get your start writing? I didn't plan to be a writer, although as a teen I would joke about writing a book on life and love someday. I grew up in the 1950s, when chauvinism was rampant. My future was predetermined to be a housewife. Surrounding advice frustrated me, but writing a book was just an idle fantasy. I studied commercial art, went into business and had a family in my thirties. When in my 50s, I had to give a talk about my life, so started writing. There were many memories to capture. I continued writing for a year. My children were away at college and I finally had some time! Ten years later, I had the Eureka moment when rereading. I knew it was an astonishing story I had to share.  J: Tell us about your book The Writing on the Wall. M.  The story tells of an amazing journey where some things were stranger than fiction. It's a powerful memoir about women breaking lim