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Chit Chatting with Rosanne McHenry

                    Chit Chatting with Rosanne McHenry                  Interview by: Jill Sheets  J: Tell us about yourself. R: I’m a former U.S. National Park Ranger and a former California State Park Ranger. I’ve worked in many parks over the years, including the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Mount Rainier National Park, the Auburn State Recreation Area, Folsom Lake, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, and Death Valley National Park, among others. I’ve also worked at many historic parks including Sutter’s Fort, The CA State Indian Museum, and the CA State Railroad Museum.   I’m also a writer and the author of two books: Tales From a Rogue Ranger, published February 2024, and Trip Tales: From Family Camping to Life as a Ranger (2021). I currently live and work in Auburn, California, with my husband.  The beautiful American River Canyon is adjacent to our home in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. J: What were some of your favorite books growing up? R: The Time Machine by H

"Adriana" Review

 "Adriana" Review Review by: Jill Sheets I was excited to get the book "Adriana," by Leslie Hachtel and I could not wait to start to read it.  It was worth the wait. I loved this book. I was hooked by the second page. "Adriana" is a descriptive book and a fast read. I quickly fell in love with the characters, especially the main ones. It was not hard to root for them.  I like that the chapters were mainly short, especially with someone with a short attention span. If you like romance books, this one would be a good one for you.

B.O.A.T Review

B.O.A.T Review Reviewed by Jill Sheets  “B.O.A.T. is a captivating book that held my attention through the whole thing.  I love the plot twist, and the book is well-paced. You do not have to worry about getting lost as you read the book. "B.O.A.T." is a wonderful read, with well-developed and interesting characters.   This book is a good choice for almost anyone to read. "B.O.A.T is Alexandria Pall's first novel, and I can not wait to see what she writes next. 

Chit Chatting with Anoop Judge

 Chit Chatting with Anoop Judge  Interviewed by: Jill Sheets J: Tell us a little bit about yourself. A: Born and raised in New Delhi, I now reside in California. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Saint Mary’s College of California and am the recipient of the 2021 Advisory Board Award, and the 2023 Alumni Scholarship.   I am the author of four novels: The Rummy Club, which won the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Award, The Awakening of Meena Rawat an excerpt of which was nominated for the 2019 Pushcart Prize, No Ordinary Thursday, and Mercy and Grace.   You may also recognize me from the show Gems of Ruby Hill, a reality-TV series streaming on @watchcpics showcasing my life as an author and writer. I call myself a recovering litigator: I practiced in state and federal courts for many years before I  replaced legal briefs with fictional tales.  I am an Instructor at Stanford University's Stanford Continuing Studies. J: "Mercy and Grace" is your new book.  Tell us about it. A:

Chit Chatting with Neill McKee

 Chit Chatting with Neill McKee Interview by: Jill Sheets J: Tell us about yourself. N: I guess you could call me a world wanderer from Canada. I was never happy staying in one place, beginning in my early years, as I have described in Kid on the Go! Memoir of My Childhood and Youth. I was a mischievous child and a rebel in my youth, but I began to think differently in senior high school with the help of my English teacher and other mentors. I was rather lost in my university days—didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, until I saw a poster to apply to become a volunteer teacher overseas, much like the Peace Corps in the US, but with no compulsion to escape the draft for the Vietnam War. At the end of the memoir, in 1968, I head off to the exotic island of Borneo in Southeast Asia to teach secondary school, an experienced that changed my life. My award-winning memoir, Finding Myself in Borneo: Sojourns in Sabah, tells readers how it all happened—a maturing experience. It also doc

"My University of the World" Review

"My University of the World" Review Reviewed by Jill Sheets   credit: I love the detail that Neill McKee put into his memoir, "My University of the World," along with the pictures throughout the book.  It felt like he took me along with his ride. Visiting the places he went to and meeting the people he did. This amazing memoir would make a great movie.  Hopefully one day I will get to sit down and watch it.  We will have to see. Are you a traveler or have always wanted to?  This book is for you.  Just sit down and enjoy.  It will be the start of your adventure. Videos: