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Chit Chatting with Helena P. Schrader

   Chit Chatting With Author  Helena P. Schrader J: Tell us about yourself?  When did you start writing books? H:  I started writing when I was in primary school, but I made a conscious decision not to try to make a living as an author  before attending college . I feared that if I had to pay the bills by publishing, I would be forced to write what the market wanted rather than what was in me. I completed degrees in history and international commerce before finishing my education with a PhD in History from the University of Hamburg. My dissertation was on a leading member of the German Resistance to Hitler. I then earned my living by working as an analyst in international consulting, as an investment relations manager with financial institutions and finally as an American diplomat serving in Europe and Africa. I continued to write creatively, however, have published eighteen novels to date in addition to four non-fiction history books. J: Tell us about your book "Moral Fibre."