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Chit Chatting with Claudine Wolk

Chit Chatting with Claudine Wolk  Interviewed by: Jill Sheets   J:  Tell us about your book/audiobook:  It Gets Easier!....And Other Lies We Tell New Mothers. C: I always thought that the book, first published in 2009,  would make a great audiobook because as the cover suggests, it’s advice from a girlfriend, or any other woman you trust, and hearing that advice in digestible chapters, in your own time is the perfect audio book. It wasn’t until I completed voice acting lessons and completed a demo that I had the confidence to pitch it to my publisher.  I offered to do the narration of the audiobook myself and sent my demo. The publisher, Harper Collins, liked the idea. Always take a chance and ask!  J: How did you come up with the idea to write this book? C: As a new mom who was a career gal first, I thought motherhood would be easy. Ha! I was shocked at how hard it was.  This little baby - who mostly cried, slept little, and came with no instructions - was a mystery to me.  Determined

Chit Chatting with K.E. Bonner

Chit Chatting with  K.E. Bonner Interviewed by: Jill Sheets J:  At what age did you start to write?  Tell us about it. K: I've written my whole life, mainly letters and journal entries when I was a youngster. In high school, I was the nerd who loved term papers; going to the library to research, scribbling on note cards, carrying them around in that sweet little file box, then spreading out the note cards and writing the actual paper was thrilling to me. I knew that I needed a good job to support myself, so I decided to study nursing in college. (Note: I flunked out of nursing school, took six months off, returned to college as a biology major, graduated, and entered the Anesthesiologist Assistants program at Emory University). I had a technical job taking care of patients in the operating room, but I felt devoid of creativity. When I turned 40 years old, I asked myself what I wanted to do with the time I had left on earth, and the answer was that I wanted to write. At 40 years old

Chit Chatting with Raven Howell

Chit Chatting with Raven Howell Interviewed by:  Jill Sheets  J: Tell us about yourself. R: Warm sunshine brings me peace, pets nourish me with joy, gardening is rewarding, flowers delight me, and my family is most precious. Songs from the 70’s and 80’s are my favorite. There’s an innocence in the lyrics, and the melodies have a hopeful, positive, and relaxed vibe. Music has always been a backdrop to my life’s journey. Because I’m a full-time writer, I need my breaks from the computer, and I love to hike in nature or just go for a stroll. Many of my creative ideas spring from those outings.  Cooking and baking are therapeutic, allowing me to be both inventive and expressive while still taking a momentary break from whatever project, article, poem or book I’m working on. After all, writing a children’s story is similar to coming up with a great recipe, something you concoct to be delicious, to have others enjoy. J: When did you start to write, and what was your first story? R: As soon a