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You are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone Written by: Jill Sheets *****Picture was take my Senior year, by my mom***** My ex’s name has been changed. I met Saul when I was 16, through a friend of mine. Her boyfriend was his friend. The first time I met him was when my friend and her boyfriend came into where I was working and helped me clean up the food court. It did not take long before Saul and I were dating, and he started driving me home from school or to work. One day he gave me an engagement ring and asked me to marry him. I was still 16, which did not bother me — our plans where to get married after I graduated from High School. I always wanted a large family, so when I was asked to marry him, I said “yes.” Now looking back at it I should have said “no,” and ran. All I could think about having a family and my career. I figured starting early would help with achieving all of it. I knew he was older, but I never knew how much older he was. Even today, I still do not know the a