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Guest Writer Barbara Barth Talks About Self-Publishing

 Guest Writer Barbara Barth Talks About  Self-Publishing          I was very naïve when I wrote The Unfaithful Widow , the memoir of my first year after I lost my husband, I just knew I wanted to get my story out there in the world. I had no idea about publishing a book. I Googled the word publishing and was overwhelmed with articles and websites. Trying to find an agent seemed too time-consuming. I wasn’t getting any younger. My husband died in 2008 right before I turned sixty. Two years later I had my finished memoir and to my horror, was almost sixty-two. I had to release my story to move forward with my life.   I said a little prayer asking for help.      I found a vanity press, which I thought was self-publishing. I paid big bucks to have my book designed and published. I just thought self-publishing meant you didn’t go the traditional route. I didn’t know the word vanity press until an author corrected me on a blog post that I had not self-published and explained