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Spam or Not to Spam

Picture source:  From Wikipedia Spam or Not to Spam Written by: Jill Sheets Growing up my mom was a hard worker.  She was a single mother of two girls.  Trust me… We could be a hand full, well at least me. My mom has told me that there were times when she did not know how she was going to feed us. But thank God there was always a way. Our family ate some interesting stuff, but I remember us liking it. For some reason, I want to say she had gone without food to make sure us kids had enough to eat.  One of the things that we ate was fried spam.   It was made into a sandwich, with mayo or miracle whip on it. For us that was the only way to eat it. When I was older, I cannot believe I ate it. But I guess you have to do what you have to do. Spam came from Austin, Minn and it is canned precooked meat.  This canned meat was first introduced in 1937 and became popular after its use during World War II.  To make things simple, Spam is chopped pork shoulder meat mixed with ha