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Favorite Scents of Candles

Favorite Scents of Candles  Written by: Jill Sheets  Picture credit:  I did not start liking candles until I was in my upper teens. It was not because I did not like the smell of the candle, but I was afraid that I would knock it over when it was lit.  Now, I am just worried that a cat or dog doing that.    Most of the times when I light a candle it is remembering a person's birthday or passing.  I do like the smell of most candles, but I do have my favorites.  Here is my top five in no particular order.   Fruit candles Lavender  Pie smelling candles (like cherry, apple and pumpkin) Cinnamon  Ocean     I do not have a special reason I like those five.   It is not like they remind me of something.   It really does not go that deep.   I wish I could say that it does.   I wonder what type of candle I will light next time.  What candles do you like? Are there ones that remind you of a happy memory or is it

Being Scared of the Bible When I Was Younger

  Being Scared of the Bible When I Was Younger Written by: Jill Sheets     When I was younger, my sister and I were sent to Arkansas for summer breaks. I remember having my sister’s bible.   I have no idea how I got a hold of it or even why I really had it. I like to think that she gave it to me.   I would sit in the living room by myself and read it after I did my soap opera homework. By watching them and mimicking what I saw.   I open the book to the first page, which was the beginning with the Old Testament.   Probably not the best place to start, but I had no idea about that at the time. Reading in the Old Testament, I slowly started to get scared. I seem to have put myself in their shoes.   Here are a few things that got me scared.   Remember, I was a child, somewhere between 1st and 3rd grade.   Let’s start in Numbers 15:32-36/ Leviticus (in many places throughout that section) you found people getting stoning to death.   I found myself feeling horrible for

The Kindness Diaries

  The Kindness Diaries Written by:   Jill Sheets   Picture source: Like many of you, there are days when I just want to set in front of the TV. Maybe it is too hot outside, raining or maybe you are in just one of those moods. Searching for a show or movie that will just make you laugh. A few years ago when I was passing kidney stones, I searched for a show that would keep my mind off the pain I was in. (Just a side note about kidney stones, they are so overrated). With little patience, I flipped as fast as I could through what was on Netflix. I stopped when I saw a show called “Kindness Diaries.” A lot of the time, I do not read what the movie and show are about, but the title pulled me in to read about it. It was about this guy Leon Logothetis, who traveled the world relying on the kindness of people for food, somewhere to sleep, gas along with other things he needed it except, he cou