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update on blog

  Update on Blog Written by Jill Sheets I know that I have not posted a lot on my blog recently.   I am working on my voice-over career. It is something that I love and will continue to do. Before I go anything further on this topic or anything, I want to say thank you to: God Vandi My family My Friends My church family My loved ones I am sure there are many people or groups that I have not thanked, so if I forgot to thank you -- Thank you. You all have guided me. I will keep you updated on my journey with my voice-over jobs. I am excited.  Now for my blog. For the most part, this blog will stay the same. I will continue writing about topics that pop into my head. On top of that, I will be trying to set up interviews on my blog called "Chatting with Jill." Earlier, this was easy for me to get interviews because I had my show, "Penguin Tracks," and wrote for Relate. So this may no