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Chit Chatting with Catherine Forster

Chit Chatting with Catherine Forster J: Tell us about yourself and how you got your start writing? C: I am an artist, a filmmaker, a writer, a mother, a wife, and a kayaker who loves to bake. I suspect I’ve been an artist since the day that first crayon was placed in my hand, however, my journey to becoming a professional artist was not straightforward. Science was also one of my interests growing up. After catching a fish, I would dissected it. The same fate awaited frogs and snakes that had recently passed––not at my doing. I was fascinated by what one couldn’t see, what lay below the surface. Hence a microscope would ultimately become the tool of my first profession, microbiology. After a time, I grew tired of lab work and earned an MBA. That took me to London and years of business travel, with plenty of leisure travel to boot. Rewarding as it was, I always wondered whether I had something to offer in the field of art, and decided to find out. I earned a Master in fine Arts and have