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Review Time: “A Killer Walks Amongst Us”

Review Time: “A Killer Walks Amongst Us” Written by: Jill Sheets Picture source from Karen Ellison (played by Eva LaRue) is a retired FBI Agent. That is until there is the murder of a teenage girl that happened and the local police asked her to come out of retirement to help. Agent Ellison and her partner Simon Jury (Michael Welch) set out to find the killer. I have only seen a few reviews for this movie, and they did not like it. That is their opinion. I try not to nitpick, so with that said. I loved it. I started watching it because of Dominic Keating was in the movie. Many of you may not be surprised; I loved his performance as Dobsyn, and he brought the character to life and believable. The only bad thing is, I wish he had more scenes. He was not the only one that did a great performance. The rest of the cast did a great job, along with Eva LaRue, Ashley Scott, and Michael Welch. All of them are amazing performers. The writer of this movie