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  2021 Goals List Written by Jill Sheets     Picture source:   I cannot remember when I started to make a Goals List for the year. I either started in 2019 or 2020. Either way, it is now a tradition. Looking over the list that I wrote out the year before and adding the ones that I wanted to continue or did not accomplish to my 2021 list.   I will get all the goals on my list done this year. It may not be easy, but I am determined. Is it better to start with the "easy" ones, the ones that could take time to accomplish or work on them all at the same time? I have not made that choice yet, but either way, I better start soon.   I will not post my whole goals list because some of them may be a surprise, but I will tell you a few of them.   -- Interview with Dominic Keating. Getting the interview is the hardest one on my list. I had it down last year bu

Hot Lava

  Hot Lava Written by: Jill Sheets     Picture source: The games we use to play as a child.   Some we played with our siblings, friends, and even by ourselves. Some that are safe, and with one you can fall into "Hot Lava."   I cannot remember how many times my sister and I played this game when we were kids, but I can tell you that no one else was there when we did.   They would probably stop the game even before we started.   The only place we could play that had enough room was in the living room. We placed pillows on the floor.   We also took the cushions off of the couch and love seat and put them on the floor.   In this game, the whole goal was to get from Love Seat to the couch then back to the Love Seat without landing into the lava (the floor). Just the thought of that made me make sure I did not land in the hot lava.     That was the only time that I can remember my sister and me playing together. We eve