Celebrity Crushes

Celebrity Crushes Written by:Jill Sheets

I am sure like most of you; I have had many celebrity crushes as a child and teenager.Some of them I hate to admit, but I still listed them. I am sure by reading the name/s you might know why.What can I say?I was young.
The first crush that I remember was Ricky Schroder. He has been in many TV shows and movies, but what I mainly remember him on the 1982 – 1986 show Silver Spoons. I remember lying on my bed reading a magazine with him on the cover. At that time, my reading was not the greatest, but I was able to make out that he had a girlfriend, and she was his first kiss and I was upset. This would not be the last time a boy mad me cry.
How many people remember Chad Allen? He played David Witherspoon on the show “Our House”. Alongside Wilfo…

Favorites For 2019

Favorites For 2019 Written by:  Jill Sheets    
In 2019 I sat down in my spare time and watched a lot of TV shows and movies. I know what you are thinking or saying to yourself out loud.There are other things I can and should be doing.Isn’t there such a thing as “multitasking?” The most important question is how well do I multitask.Also, does anything else get done?Possible should hold off on that for a little while.
Here is a list of some of the shows and (possibly) movies that I watched in the 2019.

Star Trek: Enterprise (Netflix) Lost Girl (Netflix) The Witcher (Netflix) Star Trek: Voyager (Netflix) Raising Dion (Netflix) Pandora Supranational (Netflix) Merry Happy Whatever Legacies The Good Place The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (netflix) The Worst Witch (Netflix)

What About Mine?

What About Mine? Written by:Jill Sheets

No one seems to understand what I feel. What I am going through. No one seems to stop and listen. I can repeat it word for word Over and over They still do not let my words sink in. I hide from the phone, so I do not have to explain anymore. Hiding from the people that make me feel low. You want me to see things from other people’s point of view, then why can you not see if from mine. You think I should be an actress, always acting like I am happy. People do not live that way - - they should not have to. You want me to think about other peoples feelings - - well, what about mine.

“What is Wrong”

“What is Wrong” Written by: Jill Sheets

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Sliding the covers over
A young lady struggles to get her feet on the ground.
Pain has taken over her body.
Her muscles are stiff.
Her legs are week.
For anyone that knows her they have no idea what she is going through.
She presents herself as healthy.
Those people are unaware of what medicines she slides down her throat - -
Numerous times a day.
Just so she can make it through the day.
This “invisible illness” has taken over parts of her life,
But she refuses to give up the rest.
She battles back and forth with the doctors,
Trying to find out what is wrong,
And which doctor is right for her.
Confused and drained she is sick of what she has to go through.
Wanting answers.
Wanting answers to the questions that the doctors do not know.
Doctors who can not seem to completely agree on everything.

Guest Blog With Sarah Dickinson

Guest Blog With Sarah Dickinson

Despite changing fads, trends or hashtags some things stay the same; we all crave the connection and contentment that comes with finding our person. That one jewel among the masses who gets us supports us as we share ourselves and our lives.
Here are 5 reasons we should all consider a change in our relationship. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. I’m not here to preach to anyone about how to find that perfect person or how to have that couple goals relationship that social media displays for us daily. What I’m here to do is write down the words that all of us need to hear. What we should never tolerate. Far too often many of us find ourselves making excuses for people who don’t treat us well because we care about them. Lying is one of those things that qualify as a deal breaker. Be it about themselves, their intentions, or frankly anything else, relationships can’t work without trust and trust will never be possible with someone lying to you. CO…

A Picture Can Say Many Things aka Hair Cuts

A Picture Can Say Many Things Written by: Jill Sheets Picture credit:  
Thinking about when I was younger, and what I put my mom through, this memory popped up. One that is not a good one for either my mom or me, but we can laugh about it now.
I was not the easiest of children. Getting a hair cut was a nightmare for my mom and me. There was a lot of frustration for both of us.
Before I went into the Salon, I would find pictures of an actress I like. When I found her, I would cut out a picture of her with the hairstyle that I wanted.I would hand the poor lady who would be cutting my hair the picture. She had no idea what she was getting into.
It never seemed like it took a long time for the lady to finish my hair. She would give me a mirror to look at so I can see the front and back of my hair. Before I gave the mirror back to her, I would start to cry because I did not look like the person in the picture.
Before I finish telling you the memory, here is a…

I Will Never Do

I Will Never Do Written by: Jill Sheets

We all have things that we will and will not do. We all have our boundaries. Here are 14 things that I can guarantee I will not do. Some may overlap. Just a funny side note, I had a problem coming up with what I wouldn’t do, until I decide that 14 was a good number. But now more keep popping up in my head and the bad part is that I am trying to sleep when that happens. I will have to keep a notebook by my bed from now on.

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Some of you may have seen this downtown or on a busy street off in the snow-covered grass — bird scooters. Before I go more on to more details, there are some things I do not understand. Are they supposed to be ridden on the sidewalk or street? What about wearing a helmet? Body gear? I am old enough to know better to entertain the thought of using one. Even to try to stand on one, I would f…